101 Top Texas Brand Marketing Companies and Startups – The Future of Brand Marketing Award

Our team at Project Nia, Inc. has extraordinary news to share! After a few years of navigating what it takes to be a successful start-up, we have been awarded the title of 101 Top Texas Brand Marketing Companies and Startups and The Future of Brand Marketing! A press release by PR.Expert.com was released just this... Continue Reading →

Creating Greatness at Project Nia Inc

When I think back over the past two years, I am overwhelmed with pride. So much has happened since I opened Project Nia Inc in the Spring of 2017 that has helped shape myself and my team into the powerhouse that we are today. Opening a new business was a thrilling experience but for me,... Continue Reading →

Meet Jason Serchay: Account Manager

Project Nia has an exciting introduction! We would like to welcome one of our newest team members, Jason Serchay. Serchay joined our team only last month, but has already made his mark on our team. The account manager was born and raised right here in San Antonio, Texas. This month, we decided to celebrate him... Continue Reading →

Meet Arturo Paniagua, Assistant Manager

This month, our Project Nia team had the pleasure of sitting down with Arturo Paniagua, an assistant manager on our team to discuss success and business. As an assistant manager on our team, Paniagua is tasked with leading the troops and making sure business runs smoothly. He makes it his number one priority to set... Continue Reading →

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