Project Nia, Inc is a promotional marketing & retail-based sales firm headquartered in Houston, TX. While we opened over 3 years ago and boast an office size triple that of when we were first founded, Project Nia, Inc remains hungry for innovation and progress.

Over the course of the last ten years, there has been a complete shift in consumer attitudes and mannerisms. This shift has created a void in an industry that used to be full of face-to-face representation; a void that we’ve learned to fill and excel in. Therefore, Project Nia, Inc. partners with leading telecommunication and cable/satellite companies to help aid in what they struggle with.

Why don’t these companies fill the void themselves? Great question! (We’ve got a great answer!) Time and money. The answer is that it takes a lot of time to invest in hiring, training, and developing sales representatives and time = money. Not only are they investing their money in the time it takes to train employees, they are forced to focus their attention on sales versus the product without a guarantee that these sales representatives will come through for them. Instead, Project Nia, Inc offers clients a 100% return on investment, focusing our efforts on team growth and personal development.

How do we make sure to come through for our clients when our focus isn’t only on hitting sales metrics for our clients? Again, GREAT QUESTION! One in which we have a great answer to as well. If our team is growing, then results will trickle down to our clients. How are we so sure? Stagnation breeds complacency, so we never allow our team to become stagnant. Project Nia, Inc specializes in communications training, the art of listening, customer service, and negotiation. We teach our team members how to be a consultant for customers and, upon mastering those skills, push them to move up within the company.

Development and progress are near and dear to the Project Nia, Inc.’s mission. WE believe our job is to empower our team to become entrepreneurs in an ever-evolving work-force and provide them with the skills to dominate their fields. Over the next year, we plan to expand into at least 3 new markets and promise our team the first opportunities to get there.

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