Meet Aspiring Entrepreneur, James Palos

Since childhood, our Team Lead, James Palos, has had a self-driven attitude. He knew that to live the life of his dreams, he would need to put in the work and take accountability for the path that he walked. Raised by a single mother in southeast Houston, James saw firsthand the benefits of never giving up and persevering, no matter the obstacle. This mentality and his desire to learn, grow, and help others intrigued our Project Nia, Inc management team about this up-and-coming business leader. We knew that he would fit in nicely with our hardworking team and jumped at the opportunity to work with him.

James officially joined our team on January 17th, 2020, right before the COVID-19 pandemic, which cast a shadow of fear over our country. While it was challenging to adjust and adapt to new business practices, James pushed through and has built strong systems that have contributed to his continued success. With goals of growing his team and earning a promotion to Assistant Manager, what better time than now to shine a much-deserved spotlight on him.

At twenty-five years old, Project Nia, Inc isn’t his first taste of entrepreneurship. After high school, James and his brother started their own landscaping business; this experience taught him how to be responsible and sparked a passion in him to be an innovative leader. He developed skills that have helped him thrive within our walls. While being independently motivated, he is a great team player, works with integrity, and sets a strong pace for those around him by leading from the front.

For James, succeeding isn’t a dream; it’s his reality. With a child on the way, hitting his goals is more important than ever! Since starting with us, he has grown mentally tough and has made great strides in his career, allowing him to realistically plan to buy a home for his family by mid-2022 and to continue excelling in our Management Training Program with the outcome of running his own office and gaining financial freedom and control over his time. We have no doubt that James is going to succeed. Over the past few years, his daily actions have proven that he’s a force to be reckoned with!

When asked what advice he would give others looking to thrive in our industry, James said, “The biggest business advice I would give someone is to don’t be nervous, go in headfirst with a student mentality, and always give it one hundred percent.” It is this mentality that sets James apart from others on similar paths. He is always ready to learn and put in the work. Quitting is not in his vocabulary. When he makes a mistake, he learns from it and sets himself up to hit the mark next time. From a young age, he understood that life is short. You have to take risks to become the best version of yourself!

“Keep pushing yourself. No one will push you harder than you will push yourself.”

James once dreamt of being a WWE superstar. Now, his sights are set on being a leader for his people, his community, and his family. On top of our training program, our culture really pulled him to Project Nia, Inc. We have one another’s back, and he knew that he wanted to be a part of a company that would genuinely care about his career. James, we are so proud of how far you have come since joining us and know that you are going to hit benchmark after benchmark in the year to come. Keep up the pace that you’ve set for yourself!!

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