101 Top Texas Brand Marketing Companies and Startups – The Future of Brand Marketing Award

Our team at Project Nia, Inc. has extraordinary news to share! After a few years of navigating what it takes to be a successful start-up, we have been awarded the title of 101 Top Texas Brand Marketing Companies and Startups and The Future of Brand Marketing! A press release by PR.Expert.com was released just this month showing their top picks for the best Texas-based Brand Marketing companies, and WE WERE ON IT!. We could not be more proud of our ambitious team for making this entirely possible and want to give credit where credit is due!

Exceptional Performance Categories

When we were being considered for this award, we were judged in a total of four categories. You can believe when we saw these categories, we said our tagline loud and proud, “Consider The Job Done!” They included innovation, growth, management, and societal impact.

Under innovation, we reflected on how our systems check the box of the “innovative route to market.” We know, with complete confidence, that our client’s product/service product displays innovation, but the manner in which we market it is what offers the greatest return on investment. Face-to-face marketing & sales continue to innovate as we learn to incorporate more of the digital world, like Sales Force and lead generation systems. For all of us here at Project Nia, Inc., to provide superior results to our client, we know we must continue innovating and staying on top of all current marketing and sales trends. 

The second category we were judged on falls under our company values! Growth is a significant value to every team member on our crew. This is an even a critical aspect we look for in potential team members during the hiring process. Sadly, if growing personally and professionally isn’t a priority, we know the match won’t be mutual. We wholeheartedly believe as a team that if the individual isn’t growing, the company won’t grow. With top-notch communications/negotiations training and hands-on leadership development, we commit to raising the bar in Texas and nationally! 

Management was named as the third category during judgment. At Project Nia, Inc., we dominate the competition due to our leadership team’s mental agility and poise. In our opinion, our company has the best management development program in the country. We only promote from within because our managers need to understand every aspect of a business before climbing the corporate ladder. Our management team truly cares about the well-being of their team, and they show it daily through their actions. 

The final category is societal impact. We know that we provide career opportunities that are meant to be challenging, rewarding, and growing. We train our team at Project Nia, Inc. to become leaders in business and managers who make a positive impact overall. This positive impact includes and is not limited to our team members, their circle of influence, our clients, and our customers. 

In closing, our appreciation is ten-fold for this honor, but our sights are set on being the best year after year! We know by continuing to prioritize innovation, honing our company values, strengthening our executive team, and finessing our societal impact, we’ll continue to make ourselves and those around us better. We hold this title close to our hearts as The Future of Brand Marketing, and you can bet we won’t fall short.

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