How to Reign in Your Procrastination Tendencies

We think it’s safe to say that 2020 did not go the way any of us predicted. For almost all, the past year has been stressful, anxiety-ridden, and dramatically different than planned. While 2021 has been significantly better, the pandemic is still ongoing, and businesses like ours have had to work tirelessly to maintain both productivity and the health and safety of our team. We are incredibly excited about the second half of 2021 and are confident that the systems we have in place will promote a safe and successful work environment! 

As we realign and tackle our objectives for the second half of the year, we know that we won’t have any time to spare. To help not only our team here at Project Nia, Inc but others, we want to lay out a few reminders on how to reign in your procrastination tendencies. The time to slack has passed. Now, it’s time to put your foot on the gas and not let up! You can’t let anything, even the pandemic, stand between you and your goals!

Disconnect yourself from technology

              Throughout the pandemic, technology has been our savior. We have been able to stay connected with colleagues, mentors, family, friends, etc. Since we resumed our daily grind, we have had to reevaluate the role that technology plays in our day-to-day routine. Our advice is to go bare minimum. You’ll need your computer and possibly your smartphone throughout your workday. To help you stay focused, turn off all notifications but set a reminder to check your emails once every hour. By doing this, you allow your brain to fully concentrate on what you are doing and keep you in the loop with other responsibilities that may pop up. Technology should boost your daily productivity, not hinder it!

Organize your life

               Life can get hectic. Time passing quickly is as predictable as the tides, and feeling overwhelmed by it is entirely understandable. To keep yourself focused and to prevent procrastination, you need to have your life organized. For you, technology-savvy readers, keep a detailed calendar on your phone listing the crucial tasks you need to get done daily. This list can be as detailed as you wish. For us, we have ours nailed down to when we do our laundry and go grocery shopping. By being organized, you are creating more space in your mind, allowing you to concentrate on what you are doing at work instead of what you need to do once the workday is done.

               Procrastination is a habit that can quickly overtake you and has been the culprit behind the failures of many business leaders. As you tackle your goals, keep in mind all you are working towards. For us here at Project Nia, Inc, the past year has been a reality check and has motivated us to be more in control of our futures. Hopefully, these bits of advice help you reign in your procrastination tendencies and spark your unstoppable mentality!

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