Attention All May Graduates!

If you’re a senior coming to the end of your college experience, congratulations! After dedicating your entire life to education, it has to feel incredible to have the world at your fingertips. Now it’s time to find a career that isn’t asking for 5+ years of experience right off the bat. If you’re reading this, you’re in luck because Project Nia, Inc. is looking for dedicated individuals that are ready to hit the ground running! Continue reading to learn more about our company’s services, values, and precisely what we’re looking for to fill the open roles we have available.

About Project Nia, Inc.

Our company is located in the beautiful city of Houston, TX! We are a top-performing retail sales and marketing firm specializing in customer acquisition and face-to-face consulting among our local competitors. This is all due to our incredible staff’s mental agility and poise that we have the utmost respect for. Our mission here at Project Nia, Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest quality of direct marketing to our clients and our team’s growth with integrity and dedication. When opening our doors, a promise we made is to uphold innovative ideas, superb client service, and career opportunities that offer growth potential to individuals of all backgrounds. We believe these are the reasons for our current success.

Project Nia’s Goals & Values

The values here at Project Nia, Inc. hold dear to our hearts and reflect our goals’ true integrity. Diversity, competition, teamwork, growth, excellence, philanthropy, commitment, unity, and last but not least, leadership. While personalities differ from scholars to athletes to creators, what each member has in common is high character and a robust and competitive attitude. We believe this is what drives our team towards success to achieve our goals. One goal we aim to dominate this year is our plan to expand our client’s brand into multiple new locations across the country! We have complete confidence that our values significantly impact the execution of this goal because we hire, teach, and develop individuals at an entry-level position and promote strictly from within.

What We’re Looking For

Our career opportunities at Project Nia, Inc. are meant to be challenging, rewarding, and growth-oriented. When we look for a new individual to join our team, we consider bright, friendly individuals who can connect with other people and hit sales goals with enthusiasm. Although there is no experience necessary for this role, any experience in sales, retail, marketing, food service, bartending, or hospitality will give the individual an advantage over others. Our ideal team member quickly masters excellent customer service through active listening on every interaction while adjusting the support approach to accommodate all levels of customer experience. Does any of this describe you?

Ultimately, we train our team at Project Nia, Inc. to become leaders in business and managers who make a positive impact. To provide superior results for their client, we must continue to innovate and stay on top of all current marketing and sales trends. If you’re interested in joining our team and truly hit the ground running after graduation, email your resume to We look forward to corresponding! Visit our Instagram to see more of our company culture.

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