Creating Greatness at Project Nia Inc

When I think back over the past two years, I am overwhelmed with pride. So much has happened since I opened Project Nia Inc in the Spring of 2017 that has helped shape myself and my team into the powerhouse that we are today. Opening a new business was a thrilling experience but for me, it felt like the moment that I was gathering my footing as a business owner, disaster stuck. You see, only a few months after we opened, Hurricane Harvey hit our hometown of Houston, Texas. It devastated our community and shut down many of the retail locations that we worked with. Not only did many of us lose our homes, but we were struggling to keep our business alive. This is when our client stepped in and relocated us to San Antonio. Although I hated to leave our home, I knew that this was the best decision to help my business and my team grow. I left Houston with four people and over the past two years, we have grown that headcount by 10,000% to 40+! Numbers don’t lie. We have found our footing and developed an opportunity that has helped countless people find a lifelong career. 

Lucky for us, San Antonio is full of extremely talented people. We have had the opportunity to work beside some of their best. This talent has allowed our business to grow and a tight-knit relationship to be formed with our client. By consistently producing record-breaking results, we have developed a habit of success; a habit our client keeps asking for more of. Since our move, we have been asked to pilot new campaigns, run business trips to different offices throughout the United States, and to speak with colleagues about the steps that we take to consistently produce. When I think of where we started and where we are now, I am honestly flabbergasted. Our team has shown up and continues to show up daily. For this, I am beyond thankful. Now, our client hasn’t just rewarded our results with opportunity. We also received some recognition this year as their most improved office! Stepping on the big stage at their National Conference this past month was a moment that I will remember for the rest of my life. I felt powerful, excited, and most importantly, like all of our work is paying off!



I am extremely grateful for everything that San Antonio has done for us over the past few years, but it is time for us to head back to our roots. That’s right, we are going home. I am so excited to bring my business back to its home city of Houston and to create the same opportunity here that we were able to provide in San Antonio. Project Nia Inc is the definition of a powerhouse. So, prepare yourself Houstonians. We have a team as talented as they come ready to dominate the new move, city, and upcoming year. 

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