From Graduation Cap, to Hard Hat, to Management: Meet Jose Maldonado

In late October, our team had the pleasure of sitting down with Project Nia’s newest manager, Jose Maldonado. Project Nia is a competitive marketing and sales firm located in San Antonio, Texas. Jose Maldonado has been with the company since May of 2016, and is quickly approaching the grand opening of his own office, UR9 Solutions. Maldonado has made huge professional strides in the past two years, but he will never forget those first days on the job.

Maldonado was born and raised in Houston, Texas. As a natural introvert, the future manager broke out of his shell in his early years with the help of a budding soccer career. “The competitive environment at a young age absolutely developed my career,” says Maldonado, “It showed me how to work harder than anyone else.” After graduating from high school in 2012, Maldonado went on to hold a variety of professional experiences. The young professional’s experience ranged from on-site construction to a 9-5 office position with a cubicle to hot shot driving. “I went on to study AutoCAD Piping and Instrumentation,” says Maldonado, “the day after I graduated high school I started working. I went from a graduation cap to a hard hat.” Before joining the Project Nia team, Maldonado held a 9-5 job at a top 100 company in Houston, but there was something missing for the future manager.  “I just didn’t enjoy the cubicle and 9-5 work,” says Maldonado, “I saw Project Nia online, and they called for leadership skills and sales, something told me to go for it.”

Maldonado officially started with the company on May 26th, 2016. “I knew sales made the most millionaires,” jokes Maldonado, “that was what initially pushed me to start.” As an account manager, Maldonado was given the opportunity to learn the sales industry, build a team, and set the tone for the rest of his career. “The first three days I didn’t make a single sale,” says Maldonado, “but once the sales started coming, all of my concerns went away.” From that first sale to now, Maldonado largest focus has been team building. “When I started, my biggest area for improvement was relationship building with my team,” says Maldonado, “that is my main focus every day now.” After Hurricane Harvey devastated the community, Maldonado and his team were forced to relocate to San Antonio and start from scratch. From there, he was promoted to assistant management. Cut to today- Maldonado, a recently promoted manager, is opening up his own office on November 5th, 2018.

Maldonado’s budding company will be called UR9 Solutions, with a focus on being unstoppable and relentless in the industry. With the grand opening only weeks away, Maldonado has spent his days laying the foundation of this company and preparing for business. “Our values are family, relentlessness, and integrity,” says Maldonado, “we invest into each other and are accountable for each other, we go the extra mile to achieve the desired results, and we do the right thing when no one is looking.”

As for the company culture, Maldonado responded with a warm laugh. “We’re crazy,” says Maldonado, “that comes with how comfortable we are with each other, but we maintain professionalism at the same time.” Since being his own boss, the manager has learned so much about himself and the industry. “I learned to take extreme ownership,” says Maldonado, “whether the circumstances are controllable or not, it is my job to take accountability for everything that happens within my company.”

Despite having recently achieved a major career goal, Maldonado is taking no breaks. “My goal is to teach my guys to live extraordinary lifestyles,” says Maldonado, “we want to promote out 3 deals by June 2019. I want to put them in a position to win and create generations of leaders.”

For those reading and wondering how to emulate the success Maldonado has found, he has some tips for you. “Don’t ever quit, and follow the instructions of your coaches.”


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