Going Above & Beyond: Meet Dezmund Herron 🏆

“If you’re going to do it, be the best at it.”

A motto once ingrained into Dezmund Herron, manager at Project Nia, Inc., as a child, is now a mantra embodied by the entire company he started. This is his story.

Born in Sweet Home, Arkansas (yes, it really does exist!), and raised in Little Rock, Dezmund grew up quickly, filling a paternal role in his family as the oldest sibling and male figure. An extremely mature but troublesome child, Dezmund recalls having a wake-up call at age 14. He realized that every example he set would pave a path for his younger siblings and the path he was on was not the legacy he wanted to leave. He immediately took up boxing and football to channel his energy and aggression and started evolving into the sibling his younger brother & sister deserved.

After high school and in between college prospects, Dezmund began his first career in sales, working on behalf of Comcast and then ADT. An outgoing socialite, he excelled on behalf of both of these companies, saved enough to move out of Little Rock, and placed himself in the growing town of Bryant, AR. His new home served as an opportunity for his siblings and cousins to get a better education in a more upstanding school district, and Dezmund spent his late teens and early twenties overseeing his younger brother and cousins growth and development.

Dezmund’s natural communication and people led him to a career at AT&T’s retail store, where he quickly became the #1 sales representative in the COUNTRY! Amazing, we know. He helped with AT&T’s wireless, fiber-optic, and home security sales, and soon became a trusted leader and trainer within his store. His uncle, who admired Dezmund’s work ethic and ambition, told him he was too talented to stay in Little Rock and needed to move while he could. Dezmund took that advice, left with $200 in his pocket, and moved to Houston in 2015.

Houston came with great excitement, but also a realization that working for a large corporation came with slower-paced growth and advancement. Dezmund craved more responsibility and saw a glass ceiling over him month after month. When he finally decided to start interviewing with local marketing & sales firms and sought a company with merit-based growth, it was then that Dezmund realized how much of an entrepreneur he truly was.

Stumbling upon a private, outsourced marketing firm that did sales for DirecTv and offered advancement into management in under 2 years, Dezmund knew he had found somewhere special. It was there he met his mentor, Stephen, and the two helped DirecTv grow exponentially all across the Houston market. Dezmund was promoted to a client management role in March 2017 and in charge of overseeing his own territory and team! When Hurrican Harvey hit, though, and wreaked havoc all across the city, DirecTv relocated Dezmund and the Project Nia, Inc. team to safety in San Antonio.

Despite the trials and tribulations as a child and a new manager, Dezmund persevered and didn’t just survive – he thrived. He has helped Project Nia’s client establish a stronger presence in San Antonio, aids in the growth of dozens from our marketing & sales team, and serves as a leader in the local community. It is our great pride to work with such a servant leader here at Project Nia, Inc. and one who truly inspires everyone who comes into contact with him. Dezmund Herron, like your favorite quote, you’re the best at what you do!

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