Meet Aspiring Entrepreneur, James Palos

Since childhood, our Team Lead, James Palos, has had a self-driven attitude. He knew that to live the life of his dreams, he would need to put in the work and take accountability for the path that he walked. Raised by a single mother in southeast Houston, James saw firsthand the benefits of never giving... Continue Reading →

From Dubai to Houston, Meet Assistant Manager, Ahmad Ebeidat

At just 30-years-old, our Assistant Manager, Ahmad Ebeidat, has a long list of accomplishments under his belt. He has earned his MBA, tackled the real estate market in his home city of Dubai, and worked his way into a management role at Project Nia, Inc. within two years of his start date. The evidence of... Continue Reading →

Attention All May Graduates!

If you're a senior coming to the end of your college experience, congratulations! After dedicating your entire life to education, it has to feel incredible to have the world at your fingertips. Now it's time to find a career that isn't asking for 5+ years of experience right off the bat. If you're reading this,... Continue Reading →

Meet Jason Serchay: Account Manager

Project Nia has an exciting introduction! We would like to welcome one of our newest team members, Jason Serchay. Serchay joined our team only last month, but has already made his mark on our team. The account manager was born and raised right here in San Antonio, Texas. This month, we decided to celebrate him... Continue Reading →

Meet Arturo Paniagua, Assistant Manager

This month, our Project Nia team had the pleasure of sitting down with Arturo Paniagua, an assistant manager on our team to discuss success and business. As an assistant manager on our team, Paniagua is tasked with leading the troops and making sure business runs smoothly. He makes it his number one priority to set... Continue Reading →

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